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ACE Linen & Rental is a family owned business.

In the 1980s, Fred took a leap and established his own business providing laundry and towel delivery services. By prioritizing top-notch customer service and competitive prices, ACE Linens rapidly gained popularity and grew significantly.

As ACE Linens continued to expand, Fred enlisted the help of his daughter, Natalie, to lend a hand. 

Natalie remains dedicated to upholding the values that her father, Fred, established when he started the business. She puts the customer's needs first and foremost, ensuring that they receive the best possible service.

Under Natalie's ownership, ACE Linen continues to provide high-quality towel delivery services with a strong emphasis on exceptional customer service.


While we acknowledge that there are other companies offering clean towels and aprons, our loyal customers have been relying on us for many years. They continue to choose us because we offer the best prices, excellent customer service, and ensure timely delivery of clean towels and aprons every time.

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